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Photography is as much a learning process as it is an art form. From beginning photographers all the way to world-renowned professionals, we all must set aside time to learn about every aspect of creating art through our lens.  

I'll post a new episode each Wednesday where I share my thoughts and adventures in photography.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Everyone learns a bit differently. If you want to improve your photography knowledge, then it will benefit you to learn about learning styles. Join me today as we Learn How to Learn.

Join me today as we ask the question, what does photography actually cost? In terms of time, money, thought and creativity, you will get out what you put in when creating photographs.

If we, as photographers, aren't introspective, we may not see how our thoughts change over time. Join me today as we take a moment to think back and refresh ourselves.

Are photographers so busy taking photographs that they forget to enjoy the things they a photographing? Join me today as we take a break and learn how to immerse ourselves in our surroundings.

What compels photographers to create photographs? It isn't all about money and fame. Join me today as we see the larger reasons why we are driven to create art.

The only way to do something that hasn't been done before is to think in ways that no one has thought before. In today’s episode, I’ll give you some exercises to show you how.

The only way to do something that hasn't been done before is to think in ways that no one has thought before. In today’s episode I’ll give you some exercises to show you how.

What can you gain from a photography workshop? Much more than just instruction. In today’s episode, you’ll see that there are many intangible reasons to attend.

Every photographer should enjoy the experience of photographing an air show at least once. In the today’s episode, I’ll share with you some cool things you'll need to know for air show photography.

Ever since the very first camera was invented, photography has been evolving. In today’s episode, we’ll see how three historic photographers shaped this artistic medium.

Photography comes with many rules, from the rule of thirds to the rules of exposure. In today’s episode, I’ll talk about when we make art… we need to learn when to break those rules!

How do professional photographers create impressive portfolios? There are many considerations, but it all starts with these basic guidelines.

Have you ever wondered why so many photographers still recommend film photography? In this episode, I’ll give you a few reasons why digital photographers should try film.  

In this episode I’ll discuss the use of color is about more than creating true to life images. When used carefully, color can make photos more emotional and more compelling.

When we get caught up in the daily grind, we often don’t make time for our art. In this episode, I’ll show you how daily photo projects help you improve your skills.

Looking for a new angle or a way to develop your creative eye? Try abstract photography! In this episode, I'll show you how to create beautiful abstract images.

In this episode, I’ll talk about how Helen Levitt's work has inspired photographers for decades. And what lesson can be found in her artistic legacy by those who would follow her creative path.

What differentiates amateur images from fine art photography? In this episode, I’ll show you places where you can find fine art!

Are you planning to visit a historical reenactment? In this episode, I’ll give you some great tips that will help you document living history with your camera.

Want to photograph the starry sky? In this episode, I’ll talk about how you can take beautiful images of stars, meteor showers, the moon, the Milky Way and more.

How is it that the world’s best photographers can come up with an endless number of amazing ideas? In this episode, I’ll give you some insight into the creative process!

It's hard to find photographic subjects that aren't clichéd. In this episode, I'll share with you some thoughts that may help.

You've heard it before: Whenever possible, always create RAW files rather than JPEGs. In this episode, I’ll talk about the JPEG and how it represented a huge leap in technology compared to film.

Rim lighting is one of those skills that no photographer should be without. You can use this technique for any number of applications, from portraiture to product photos. No matter what subject you're photographing, there’s a great chance that a couple of rim lights can make your images more dynamic. In this episode, you’ll learn how this lighting technique works, I'll show you the basics so you can get started.

Few things capture the essence of a rainy day like a photo of the falling rain. I don't mean images of water droplets or small rivulets, but rather photos that capture the lines and sparkle of a true downpour.  Capturing the falling rain is a relatively simple process. If you'd like to create some beautiful photographs the next time it rains, I'll show you how.

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